Digital Bundle | All 12 Posters

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Destroy Writer's Block!!

Stay inspired, sound professional, and unleash your creativity with this digital bundle! 

Tons of Chords

You'll immediately have access to tons of hard-picked chords across 12 keys.


Confidence in your Songwriting

You'll get confidence knowing that you can explore tons of new chords that feel great together!


Unique, Professional Songs

Don't worry about having to spend hours and hours studying theory. These posters we built on it!

Print Ready 24x36 Files

The 24" x 36" files are delivered in a high-resolution format so that you can take it to your local printer and print it out yourself if you'd like! 

Write New Songs Fast!

Seriously...these are made for you to literally pick chords at random and suddenly have a brand new, unique song in the works!
About this video: We gave our musician friend 24 hours and a poster to see what he could come up with. He killed it!

So, if this sounds like you...

  • I hate getting writer's block
  • I just keep playing the same chords
  • My songs aren't sounding unique
  • I don't know what will sound good together

This bundle is your new best friend!