About Mutual Noise™

Who are we?

We are Mutual Noise™ and our goal is simple; give songwriters the tools to create great songs that sound like them, not everyone else. As a group that enjoys coming up with songwriting solutions, we think music is magic and a powerful universal language that binds us all together. We want everyone to know how to harness that magic. 

How did it all start?

Our founder is a musical genious who created his own curated set of playable guitar chords. What’s so special about the set he crafted? No matter which ones you pick, they will all sound great together while in the same key. The set has also been created with new and intermediate guitar players in mind in the way of ensuring the chords are actually playable. The overarching goal was to create this curated set for songwriters that were looking to grow themselves, get out of a creative rut, step out of their musical comfort zone, or to simply stop playing other people's songs. Spend a little time with our chords and you’ll see how quickly songwriting can happen. 

What does the future hold?

No one ever knows, but, as our company has grown, so has our ambition. We are dedicated to serving the songwriter community and plan to offer quality tools and services that allow players to expand their knowledge and abilities. We believe that this new knowledge and these new abilities will shape the musical world around us for years to come. We have tons big ideas for the future and truly hope to share them with you!