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So you have all of these amazing chords to choose from our chord family libraries, now what? You're in for a treat, explore and create thousands of chords and then make progressions out of them with our chord progression builder! Simple drag and drop functionality, filters, reordering, and basic playback included. When you're ready to practice, record, and share, hit add magic in the bottom right corner to take this songwriting journey your on to the next level!  For the nitty gritty of how to use our progression builder, watch this video:

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For many songwriters, the fear of playing in front of people becomes this giant grizzly beast that seems to level up every time you back out on sharing your song. “No, I’m ok”…the beast grew stronger. “Not tonight, maybe next time”…stronger and stronger. It only takes so many times convincing yourself “no", that eventually your mind will go on auto-pilot and not even fight.

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